Fun Facts about Tortillas

The word "tortilla" comes from the Spanish word "torta", which means "round cake."

Tortillas, or "tlaxcallim", were the base food of the ancient Aztecs.

Corn tortillas date back approximately 10,000 years before Christ.

Corn tortillas have no gluten, making them an alternative to bread for those with gluten intolerance.

When the Spanish brought wheat to the New World, flour tortillas were created.

The typical Mexican family of four consumes more than 2 pounds of tortillas each day.

An expert "tortillera" (tortilla maker) can make about eight dozen tortillas per hour, while a machine produces one hundred dozens per hour.

Origin of the Word "Taco" Theory No 1: A derivative of the Spanish word "atacar" (to attack). That is, "to attack food".

Origin of the Word "Taco" Theory No 2: A derivative of the pre-Hispanic word "quauhtaqualli" (a type of tortilla) that later derived to "taqualli", then "tlaco" and, finally, "taco".

Origin of the Word "Taco" Theory No 3: derivative of the word "tac", a thick piece of Wood, metal or Stone, short and thick, that is driven into a hollow space. A second meaning is a paper or cloth cylinder.

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